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 OFFICIAL - Game Feedback Thread

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Date d'inscription : 2012-10-16

OFFICIAL - Game Feedback Thread Empty
PostSubject: OFFICIAL - Game Feedback Thread   OFFICIAL - Game Feedback Thread EmptyOctober 17th 2012, 11:06 pm

Checkmate11B wrote:
Please us this thread to collect all constructive feedback regarding the game.

Things that should be reported
-Balance Concerns

Have a good day. Enjoy Warfighter.

thx Checkmate11B for your original topic. I modified it because the beta finished.

Original :

TOPIC : OFFICIAL - Beta Feedback Thread

Checkmate11B wrote:
Please us this thread to collect all constructive feedback regarding the beta.

Things that should be reported
-Balance Concerns

Whining, complaining that you can't play the beta because you're on another console, or other non-constructive posts will be removed.

Have a good one. Enjoy the early look at Warfighter.
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Messages : 55
Date d'inscription : 2012-10-16

OFFICIAL - Game Feedback Thread Empty
PostSubject: Re: OFFICIAL - Game Feedback Thread   OFFICIAL - Game Feedback Thread EmptyNovember 10th 2012, 6:11 pm


Today I want to share you my feedback about both singleplayer and multiplayers.

Singleplayer :

In general, all the mission are realistic. Danger Close did a great job with Tier 1 in the studios. The campain is really epic, but some mission are not long like the mission of 2 minutes... Very Happy But whatever, the missions in the Need for Speed style are amazing. I don't know why NFS team doesn't put cockpit in there game.
OFFICIAL - Game Feedback Thread 1352583855-medal-of-honor-warfighter-dubai-car-scene
The AI are not as bad like other game (BF, COD, etc) but not intelligent too. My teamates can shoot someone, but the AI will never die, because they were programmed to be kill by the player. (Some AI can be kill by your friends).
OFFICIAL - Game Feedback Thread 1352583855-1188850343
The door breaching system is really nice and need to be put in more game. It's not changing the way you are playing, but it's nice to see different things.
OFFICIAL - Game Feedback Thread 1352584085-dynamic-door-breaching
The missions are really good and fun to play. First of all, when I play singleplayer, I try to be the character, I play with my teammates like if it was my friends online. I try to be like in real war. It's why it take 7 hours or something like that to finish the campain. If you are just running, etc. It certain that it will take 5 hours. After that, I unlock Tier 1 mode and Extreme mode. I took Extreme mode 1st to see if it was amazingly hard, but no. It's the same damage as normal mode, but if you die, you have to restart all the campain. Shocked What I like too is to see Dusty at the end going into our mission to help us, even if he had a leg problem. For the graphics, the campain is really nice. When you are walking in water, there is water trail (not like BF3), light effect/particules, fire and even if there is not destruction like BF3, the game is fun to play (MOH is not about destruction 2.0).
OFFICIAL - Game Feedback Thread 1352583855-mohw

Good things :
Realistic campain
Door Breaching System
The return of some MOH 2010 characters
Bullet Drop
Better AI than other game
Tier 1 and Extreme modes for Hardcore gamer
Graphics are amazing. Better than BF3.

Bad things :
- AI can't be kill by your friends (not all the time)
- Extreme mode too hard/impossible and annoying
- Campain too short (7 hours)


The multiplayers is just amazing. A mixe of COD and BF!!! (PS: I don't like COD). The multiplayers want that you play with your team.
First of all, points streak are balanced for each class. You have the same deffensive streak and it's better like that. We have 6 class and each of them are really nice to play with. Support are slower than pointman, but have infinite ammo. Spec vision is not cheated like all people are saying. You are seeing enemies with difficulties and during 2 secondes max. You can see your fireteam buddy throught wall, but it make the game better to play with a friends because you don't have to search him and be killed. Red outline are good against camper. It's a nice idea of DangerClose. When you play with a friend, the game look much better, because you can talk to him and play teamplay. And you can give ammo and rehealt your friends to gain point. One thing, the support class can give ammo and rehealt all people of the team. The appache is really hard to control. The maps are really nice to play in too. Each maps have his personnalities and are differents when you play sector control and combat mission. One thing that DangerClose put in the game and other company not, it's an E-sport mode where you can play with your team or with your platoon.
OFFICIAL - Game Feedback Thread 1352584927-medal-of-honor-warfighter-multiplayer-2OFFICIAL - Game Feedback Thread 1352584851-gaming-moh-warfighter-multiplayer-maps-5

Good things:
+ Fireteams
+ Real maps
+ E-sport mode (capture the flags)
+ Nice game modes
+ 6 class
+ Can choose the country you want
+ Teamplay
+ Hardcore mode without HUD

Bad things:
- Battlelog
- Need more damage in hardcore mode
- Combat mission with just 3 bombs to plant instead of 5 differents objectives like MOH 2010.


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OFFICIAL - Game Feedback Thread

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