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 Letter to EA

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PostSubject: Letter to EA   Letter to EA EmptyNovember 9th 2013, 10:41 pm


With the lack of support from EA for the whole Medal of Honor series and the disappointed Battlefield 4, I found a way to contact EA.
Contact EA :

And I want to show you a letter I wrote and I want your commantaries about that before I send it to EA.
What do you think?

Dear EA,

I am a consumer of your games for a long time . I started with the Medal of Honor serie and then Battlefield 1942. I liked these games, because there was a really friendly approach between the consumers and the developers.

For the past four years , I don't know what has changed in you, but you do not take care of the players community around you. We buy only games to have fun, but also to discuss with devs. With Battlefield 3, you changed all what was Battlefield serie, teamplay, pleasure of playing and developper listening us, etc.

Secondly, talk about games in kits... What is the idea of ​​DLC announced even before real informations about the game itself? Before, we had really intense extensions which added a whole new world to play and several new things in the gameplay. Now the DLC are $20 each. What you see in front of you is not a player, but a lot of money which only serves to make you rich.

In the last 4 years, you do not let the developers time to develop their game or you dropped without notice . Just see Medal of Honor in 2010 which was a very good game, but that you didn't supported. Then came the turn of Medal of Honor Warfighter, another very good game, but you left too soon. All because of the war against Activision. What's the point of wanting to have all the players in the world and make an unfinished game? Greg Goodrich, the director of the team Danger Close Games ( Medal of Honor), had clearly told EA that the game has to come out later, but what did you do? You fired him and left developers alone. Is it that a publisher company? We had a lot of fun with the game (especially in events with developers), but the atmosphere was intense between fans of the Medal of Honor serie and EA , because we all know that EA don't want to support this serie. you supported the game just 2 months and we still need patches. Players asked you on many occasions to sell the serie, because it appears in the way you take care of the serie (Medal of Honor Airborne, MOH 2010, MOHW). You could sell MOH to another small company who want to revive this wonderful series. But you don't listen as usual. Greg Goodrich, our hero, was in love with this series and wanted to make something great for all the fans, because he was a fan himself, but EA destroyed a dream and a game

Are we consumers or a money symbol ($$$$)?

Going back to Battlefield, I didn't buy BF4 yet, because so many things bother me. Already, the Premium is $50, the price of a full game, it's just not fun for us... And the game wasn't finish, according the words of an anonymous developer, it is still your fault... And also, for the same reason, you destroyed Sim City, which was a very good game, before, because we had a map creator, a real Artificial Intelligence, but you have completely missed.

Origin, ok I can understand the point that you want to do like Steam, but why are the players have to pass through Origin to play a game? Before we had to enter an activation key to activate the game and we could play from disk. Same for battlelog. Many players do not like launching the game from battlelog instead of the game itself. It's just ridiculous.

In any case, I hope you will change your policy and that you will offer us finished games (approved by the developers) and give us free contents or that cost less money. Some companies are making free contents and they aren't loosing money... And people like that and devs are so happy to do that. We also hope that you sell the MOH License for the good of the License.

Thank you so much!

- Nicolas -
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Letter to EA

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