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 Welcome! User Guide

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PostSubject: Welcome! User Guide   Welcome! User Guide EmptyOctober 22nd 2012, 10:14 pm

oilersguru wrote:
Welcome to the MOH forums

The forums are a place for our community to have productive discussions with each other and EA staff about the game and other relevant topics. To make sure this forum is kept up to that task, we ask that you are aware of and follow all of the posted rules when on this forum.

Failure to follow these rules can result in your posts being moved, locked, or removed; repeated or serious violations can result in action against your account.

Terms of Service and Forum Guidelines
All of our forums are moderated according to the EA Terms of Service linked at the bottom of every page. When you created your account, you agreed to these terms so it is important that you understand what is expected and what is not allowed. Although we have included specific rules below to help you stick to the ToS, it is important to review the terms and ask questions if you don’t know what something means. Even if you were not aware of one of the conditions of the ToS, you are still held accountable if a violation is committed using your account.

EA’s Terms of service can be found here:

The Forum Guidelines can be found here:

You can now add a small graphic to your username to distinguish you on the forums. To do so, click on your Profile link (found at the top of every page as My Profile) and scroll down to the Avatar Control Pane section. You may add the URL for a graphic of up to 150x150 pixels in the Use external Image as Avatar blank. Please note that Avatars are subject to the normal Terms of Service on the EA Forums.

Your avatar’s graphic size should not exceed this:

Welcome! User Guide Avatarreplacement

You can further customize your posting experience through the use of a signature. Like Avatars, your signature (or .sig) can be accessed through the My Profile link at the top of the Forums page. You may add an image that does not exceed 665 pixels in width and 128 pixels in height to your Signature. You may also add up to 255 text characters, which will appear beneath the graphic.

Your signature’s graphic size should not exceed this:
Welcome! User Guide Sigbox

NOTE: MyGamerCard signatures are an exception to this limit since they have a height of 135 pixels.

There have been some additional changes in functionality from the previous version of the EA Forums. A short primer on some of these improvements is listed in this link:

The document will continue to be updated as we add more new functions to improve your posting experience.

Moderators and Staff
Moderators are volunteers who are passionate about the game and spend so much of their personal time helping out on the forums that EA staff members have granted them a special status. Although they may help with ToS/rules moderation by hiding or moving posts and threads, they are not EA staff and cannot affect your account in any way. Contact a moderator if you have a game/forum question, see a public post that is a ToS violation, or wish to forward information on users cheating in online games. If you have a question or concern about a moderator, please contact an EA staff member.
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Welcome! User Guide

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