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 Medal of Honor Video Collection

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Medal of Honor Video Collection Empty
PostSubject: Medal of Honor Video Collection   Medal of Honor Video Collection EmptyOctober 22nd 2012, 10:07 pm

NoChinDeluxe wrote:
Medal of Honor Community Video Collection

Hey everyone, it seems that lately we have more and more players wanting to show their Medal of Honor vids, and the community is responding that they would like to see more! I thought it would be nice if we could have one thread that could act as the collection spot for community MoH videos. Everyone plays in a different style in different game modes and with different weapons. If you're anything like me, you're probably interested to see how others play the game, not only for entertainment, but also to maybe pick up a few tips along the way. :wink:

So feel free to post your Medal of Honor videos below, or comment on the videos of others. A few ground rules, however:

    [li]Online forums have enough problems with flaming and trolling. Let's try and keep this thread clear of negative comments as best we can. This is an opportunity for our community to grow, build each other up, and help each other out. If you have some criticism you'd like to post about a player's video or gameplay, please do so in a constructive manner. Don't just call them a noob or a camper and move on. Let them know what you think might help them become a better player. Sure, let them know that a certain editing technique or video effect is just not working for you. But please be respectful about it.[/li]

    [li]Remember, it's ok to actually compliment a poster for a job well done. Maybe you learned something by watching a gameplay or commentary. Maybe you just enjoyed it because it was entertaining. Let the creator know! The idea here is to support community members of all skill levels so we can all enjoy the game together and learn from one another.[/li]

    [li]This is a chance for us to support one another and for you to possibly get some more views and subscribers for your youtube channel. But please don't come on here begging others to subscribe to your channel, like your videos, or buy one of those new hot pink "iMa 1337 sN1pe5" tee-shirts you just printed up. If your content is good, that stuff will come on its own. The point is to share vids with each other, not to turn this thread into the next machinima.[/li]

    [li]The purpose of this thread is to make videos easily viewable for the community. That means that you should embed the video directly in your post whenever you can, so people can view it right here on the forums. To do that for youtube videos, hit the "Youtube" button at the top of the post editor, paste in the link to your video (NOT the embed code), then hit the "Youtube" button again to close the tag.[/li]

    [li]Lastly, try and keep this thread on topic by replying specifically about videos that are posted here. If comments spawn new discussion about tactics, weapons, etc., it might be time to start a new thread on the boards rather than continue the discussion here.[/li]

So that's it. I want to stress that ANYONE can post a Medal of Honor video here. There are no requirements for video quality or gameplay skill. This is a chance for us to check out each other's gameplay and talk about it. So feel free to post a video below, comment on videos that have already been posted, or give some feedback about this thread in general. Enjoy!
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Medal of Honor Video Collection

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