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 "Project Warfighter" - Post Launch Overview

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PostSubject: "Project Warfighter" - Post Launch Overview   October 18th 2012, 12:40 pm

DigitalHitmann wrote:
Project Warfighter

*Disclaimer: Medal of Honor: CCG is not an officially endorsed Medal of Honor product and should not be misconstrued for the real product. Medal of Honor: Warfighter is a fan-made project designed to give players and fans an alternative way to play a game we all love and enjoy playing. Images and logos herein are copyright their rightful owners.

Initially called Medal of Honor: Warfighter, it was later renamed to Medal of Honor: Customizable Card Game after the announcement of the real Medal of Honor: Warfighter. (Shown Here: The original design (left) versus the final prototype design (right).)

Developed by fans for fans, Project Warfighter and Medal of Honor CCG at its’ core is a brand new experience to the series that gives fans and service men and women new ways to play their favorite games. This project will enable our fans and service members around the world to bring a little piece of home with them while they’re on deployment. No bigger than a smart phone and weighing even less, our game will enable our fans and service members to take it with them everywhere while they’re deployed for a small sense of freedom and relaxation from the reality of war during their down time.

It is very important to me that I deliver an experience that is authentic and nostalgic to those who love video games, that’s why I am outreaching to industry veterans such as Danger Close, BioWare and DICE Studios to deliver the best experience possible with my games. I want to give our service men and women the opportunity to play your games while on deployment with a slight twist. Instead of lugging a television, console, and game disc around they can carry my game in its entirety in a single pocket while they fight to come home safely to play your games with other fans and more importantly their family members.

In its’ basic form, Medal of Honor: CCG is a creative spin on a franchise classic. Now, instead of having to play the game on expensive household consoles and personal computers, players and fans of the franchise will be able to experience the compelling story, setting, and characters of the Medal of Honor franchise in the palm of their own hands. This will enable all players and fans of the Medal of Honor franchise an equal opportunity to play a game that they love where ever they are.

Blending some key components and features of other popular card games from the last twenty-five years such as Magic the Gathering, Star Wars: CCG, and Dragonball Z: CCG it gives me the opportunity to create a truly unique experience for the players as well as stay true to the story and authenticity of Medal of Honor. It is my goal to offer our players a game that they will enjoy and keep coming back to play for years to come.

Below I will provide a small question and answer to help answer any questions you might have about the game and how it’s played. Of course, if you have any other questions you want answered don’t hesitate to email me and ask:

•Q. What is needed to start playing?

A. Medal of Honor: CCG is of course a multiplayer game so two players are needed. A pre-organized deck or a fully customized deck is also required to play. Decks may contain anywhere from 60-80 cards in regulation, but may be expanded for extended play. Upon success of the project, pre-organized decks as well as booster packs and booster boxes will become readily available to the public for purchase. In the future, Medal of Honor: CCG will also become available on an undisclosed digital platform for players to communicate and play with each other on a global scale.

•Q. What is the objective of the game?

A. The objective of the game is to control different “Combat Missions” in various ”Locations” from around the world. By locking down these territories you gain advantages through “Award” cards to enhance your statistics or cripple your opponent. You damage your opponent by either using direct action – such as with “Soldier” or “Vehicle” cards, or through indirect action – such as winning a “Combat Mission” or various types of “Offensive” and “Defensive Support Action” cards.

•Q. How do I deploy my cards?

A. In Medal of Honor: CCG you deploy the various types of cards at your disposal by using “Command Points” and “Squad Command Points”. Each card, depending on both its’ type and its’ effect, costs a different amount of both “Command Points” and “Squad Command Points” to deploy. When you deploy a card to the battlefield, you turn, or more commonly referred to as “tap”, the ”Command Points” and “Squad Command Points” used to deploy the card and they become unavailable until your next turn. This is of course where strategy becomes a big part of Medal of Honor: CCG, do you deploy that extra “Soldier” card on the frontlines or do you save your “Command Points” and “Squad Command Points” to deploy an “Offensive” or “Defensive Support Action” during your opponent’s turn?

•Q. How do I damage my opponent?

A. There are various ways to damage your opponent in Medal of Honor: CCG. The easiest way to damage your opponent is through direct combat with “Soldier” or “Vehicle” cards. Couple these cards with powerful “Weapon” cards to deal massive damage to your enemies.

Another way you can damage your opponents is through winning “Combat Missions” that are on the battlefield. When you win a contested “Combat Mission” not only are you rewarded with a life total bonus but also “Award” cards which further buff your “Soldier” and “Operator” cards as well as cripple the opposition.

•Q. What does an “Operator”, “Informant” or “Spec. Forces Operator” card do?

A. Using the “Operator”, “Informant”, or “Spec. Forces Operator” cards gives you a chance to play as your favorite characters from the Medal of Honor franchise as well as a few you’ve never heard of. They also give you the opportunity to use powerful abilities to boost your statistics in combat.

Through the use of “Skill Points” and “Abilities” these special cards can use their abilities once per turn to boost your cards during combat, give you a slight advantage, or cripple your opposition. Some abilities include drawing an extra card per draw step, deploying cards during an enemy draw phase, as well as alternative deploy costs that can be beneficial in a pinch.

Though they seem overpowered on paper, there are a few draw backs to these powerful cards. For starters, they are a non-combative card, which means that they cannot do direct damage to another player. They are strictly support character avatars. One of the other draw backs is that their abilities can only be used once per turn. Once you use their ability for your turn you must wait a full rotation to use it again.

•Q. If a card is put into the “Missing In Action” pile, can I ever get it back?

A. First and foremost, let me explain why we call it the “Missing In Action” pile. A card whose defensive power is lowered to zero or below is deemed “Missing In Action” rather than killed so there is a chance that it can be brought back to the battlefield and not removed from the game entirely. This is not only a way to balance the game but also make it fun for the casual gamers. A card that is “Used” such as an “Offensive” or “Defensive Support Action” is also placed into the “Missing In Action” pile after it has been used.

There are multiple ways to not only bring cards back to the battlefield but also remove them from the game entirely. This not only gives players the chance to strategize on how to use their decks properly and effectively but also allow casual gamers who don’t know much about the mechanics to still enjoy the game and use their favorite cards in combat even if they’re put into the “Missing In Action” pile for a while during the game.

Built on an expandable platform via Adobe Photoshop and other professional imaging design software, it enables us to bring you new experiences while keeping the things you love about my game authentic to the stories created by companies such as Danger Close, BioWare, and DICE Studios and stay true to their initial vision. It also enables me to bring not only new features, but also new card types that will fit in with previous sets to keep my vision of a truly customizable card game intact.

My vision is to continually bring you, and our service men and women, a collection of great games in a new form of entertainment that is fun, easy to learn, but progressively hard to master. I want to bring you an experience that is true to the authentic story of games such as Medal of Honor, and immersing such as the universe of Mass Effect.

With expansion sets being a key component to what keeps players coming back to play the game, I am looking to also gain exclusive story components that separate my game from their creators to give the game a stronger and lasting appeal. When players purchase the game, I want them to be happy with their purchase and choose for themselves that they made the right decision every time they open a new pack or pre-organized deck.

To us at Public Enemy, our gaming clan for Medal of Honor (2010), it was more than just a game; it was a social experience and an ever growing community of friends. We came from all walks of life; retail salesman, former U.S. military, construction, and even students, but at the end of the day however, we were all united under one name and one platform, Medal of Honor.

Public Enemy logo and slogan: “Desire. Discipline. Dedication.”

Given the success of Project Warfighter, my plan is to create a new, and innovative social experience that all players can enjoy. I want fans of my games and yours to come together and share their experiences and love for games together as a whole. With social applications such as VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), Facebook and Twitter integration, the ability to share videos and pictures, request friends and send game invites I am hoping to create the most defined social experience. With help from social and application engineers, I want to create in-house applications such as deck management as well as online play for my game that enable players and fans to not only share their experience and knowledge of my game but also the exceptional story and lore that you have provided me to work with.

My goal is to show you that your fan base has not dwindled over the years, but in fact grown stronger and more loyal than ever before. I want to prove to you that you have the best and most loyal fans out there, not only me, but the other unsung “Operators” who have yet to voice their opinions and beliefs through social media and expression. I want to bring back the life and prestige that Medal of Honor once had in a very big way.

Being the sole creator of a project is not only time consuming but also expensive. I’ve put so much of my heart and soul into this project that it has become a second job for me, but it takes more than just dedication and money to create a successful project. It also takes a lot of heart. I need help from fellow fans, and support from you at Electronic Arts and Danger Close to help bring my dream come true.

My dream is to put a deck of Medal of Honor CCG and a care package from the ‘Warfighter Foundation’ in the hands of every man and woman of the Armed Forces, but I can’t make that happen unless Electronic Arts and Danger Close grant me licensing rights and support for my project. With the support of Electronic Arts and Danger Close as well as the fans of our combined communities, we will be able to create another successful project that will not only honor those who have sacrificed so much but also give a little back to those we support.

With the help of Kickstarter and donations from sponsors and fans, I would be able to raise enough money to not only start our new community and build a physical version of my game, but also raise money to donate to other charitable foundations such as the Navy SEAL Foundation, Wounded Warrior Project, and Special Operations Warrior Foundation. I am confident that my project will bring our communities closer together, and each and every one of our service men and women closer to home.

War changes people, even if you don’t realize it or experience it firsthand. Having seen what war does to friends, loved ones, spouses, and families it is important to me that we give a little back for those who have sacrificed so much for us. That is why I also plan to create a foundation, the “Warfighter Foundation”, to honor those men and women; those friends, loved ones, spouses, and families that we care so much for.

For every dollar donated to the cause from sponsors and fans I vow to return a portion of the generous charity to help those who matter most, the men and women around the world of our nation’s Armed Forces. Once I have reached the donation goal I plan to create a new foundation called the ‘Warfighter Foundation’ as well as support existing organizations such as Navy SEAL Foundation, Wounded Warrior Project, and Special Operations Warrior Foundation.

With the newly created foundation I plan to gather resources together that are unavailable to those who are deployed to keep them healthy, happy, and more importantly -- safe. These resources include new gloves, boots, packs, batteries, socks, comfort food, and other materials that we as civilians take for granted but are very important to the survival and well being of our warriors overseas.

The only thing that I will ask in return, with permission, is that the recipients send a photo of themselves with our package back to me so that I can post it in blog entries or galleries on the newly created community site. Not only will this give a positive outlook for Danger Close and Electronic Arts as well as other companies who become involved, but it will also give those who serve a little comfort in knowing that we greatly appreciate their service and sacrifice.

There is a ‘Warfighter’ in all of us, whether it’s on the field of battle or through the digital representation of a video game in the comfort of our homes. I want to salute those who matter most; our friends, our family members, and maybe even complete strangers of our nation’s Armed Services – that’s why I will enable fans to write letters of recommendation to be our sponsored ‘Warfighters’ in our foundation. I will read letters emailed and sent to me and pick a ‘Warfighter’ based on certain undisclosed criteria and in turn they will receive a package from the foundation as well as any messages or trinkets the family members have sent to give their loved ones.

As a positive outlook grows I plan to expand the outreach from one soldier a month, to one a week, to perhaps even greater bounds than that. I cannot do it by myself however, and that’s why I am looking to you for help. With a great community, innovative game, and strong plans for growth and expansion I am looking to create the most defined social experience out there. I want to show our fellow ‘Warfighters’ that we, as a community, care and wish them a safe return to their families and loved ones.


Independent Creative Designer
Medal of Honor: Customizable Card Game; “Warfighter Foundation”
Moderator; www.MOHHQ.com

Twitter: @DigitalHitmann


Deploy powerful vehicles and soldiers.

Voodoo themed deck preface.

Rabbit themed deck preface.

Award your soldiers for their valor in combat.

Deploy powerful weapons to gain the upper hand.

Over 100 cards at your disposal.

Medal of Honor Warfighter

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PostSubject: Re: "Project Warfighter" - Post Launch Overview   October 18th 2012, 10:31 pm

So is there anyway to download the cards? They look great.
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PostSubject: Re: "Project Warfighter" - Post Launch Overview   October 20th 2012, 3:14 pm

Medibee wrote:
So is there anyway to download the cards? They look great.
The card game is not finish. I hope DigitalHitmann will join the forum for other update.

Medal of Honor Warfighter

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PostSubject: Re: "Project Warfighter" - Post Launch Overview   

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"Project Warfighter" - Post Launch Overview

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